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Wherever we live, we all have our own perceptions of "community." It is the place we call home - with all its good and bad features, its beauty and ugliness, its strengths and weaknesses. Every individual has a voice in shaping the world around him, and every individual can make that voice heard. Make your voice heard in your community. Do more than throw up your hands in despair over what’s wrong with the world. Our community offers limitless opportunity for action that can be seen, felt and judged for its true worth. No matter what you choose - get involved!


Today’s youth, the leaders of tomorrow, are looking for a challenge, for responsibility, for faith and trust. Yet, despite their commitments and dedication, the youth of the world are often condemned because of the uncontrolled actions of a minority of young people. As Knights of Columbus, it is our responsibility to provide youth with the means and the opportunities to become personally committed and involved in meeting the challenges of our times. Below is a partial list of our Council's Youth Activities.

Free Throw Championship
Since 1972, the Knights of Columbus has sponsored a Free Throw Championship for boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 14. Contestants compete within their own gender and age group. All competition starts at the local level. Winners move on to the district and state levels.

Soccer Challenge
The Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge is a competition designed for players to demonstrate the most basic soccer skill the penalty kick. Open to all boys and girls in your community, ages 10-14, where each player will be allowed 15 shots at the goal from the penalty line (12 yards from the goal). Winners progress to the district and state levels.

Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest
The Knights of Columbus Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest is open to all young people between the ages of 8 and 14. Entries must fall under one of these topics: 1) Alcohol Awareness and Abuse or 2) Drug Awareness and Abuse. Each poster must include a slogan reflecting either of the topics and an original visual image. Winners progress to regional and state competitions.

Youth of the Month
Each month, our Council recognizes an outstanding youth of the parish for service to his or her school, parish and community. Nominees do not need to be the child of a Knight.
To nominate a youth for Youth of the Month please contact:







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